Building Your Avon Team!!

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It’s Melanie Duncan again, and in this blog post I am going to go over recruiting, and the things that you can do to build your team with minimal stress.

As most of us Avon representatives know, recruiting team members can be a tough mountain to climb and may seem like an unattainable goal to reach. Also, recruiting isn’t the only hard part, getting your team members to be active sellers is also a tough one.

Let’s chat about how we all can succeed with our very own Avon business it’s quite simple but does take a lot of time, hard work & dedication! If your ready to take your Avon business to the next level, let’s continue…

As you all may know I started Avon in October 2015 and achieved Silver Ambassador along with making it to President’s Club within one year. Boy was that some journey! If I can achieve it so can you it’s just a matter of “How far you want to take it”! Avon makes it relatively simple to achieve but you must have the ambition to want to achieve those levels.

Leadership may not be for everybody but it’s very lucrative. I’ve come across representatives who are very happy just selling Avon and some that want to attain the leadership position as well.

Through Avon there are two ways to sell via online & face-face. In addition you can earn personal sales & team sales. Heck, why not!

This day in age with computers and with all those social media platforms you have potential customers & recruits are right at your finger tips. I mean how easy is that?  In all honesty everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, etc..

The key to turning people into either a customer or potential recruits takes hard work & dedication. I don’t mean harassing them with messages, calls etc..


  1. Join Groups that you like that are on Facebook, Twitter etc..
  2. Start liking posts, comment on a few posts.
  3. Build a presence within the page, or  group.  
  4.  Become Facebook friends with some of it’s group members.
  5. Pay attention to people’s situations.

I’ve come across many people who are interested in making some extra money, some people are more eager to than others and some just need time to think about it. If you show them that your willing to mentor them along their Avon journey they most likely will sign up. However don’t bombard them everyday about signing up! Personally, I recommend following up once a month with my recruits. 

Listen to all of there needs and see what they would like to get out of their Avon business. Listening is the Key word! 

Hopefully you have your Avon business information front & center on all of your social media platforms this way it will be easier for people to find you.


Facebook: Avon Forever Gorgeous 

Twitter:  Avon Forever 2

Facebook Personal: Melanie Duncan

There are many other ways to recruit, for example emailing your contact lists, texting your phone contacts, asking friends to tell friends, and the list goes on and on. However in my one year experience to Gold Ambassador and President’s Club, the most effective way has been the proper use of social media marketing. Therefore, I strongly suggest experimenting with it, and tweaking it to work for you. 

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